Welcome to Global Biofuel Awards

We are finally getting there with over 500 companies in the fray for the 20 odd categories. Who’s gonna win the accolades and set new benchmarks for others to follow? .

Everyone is a winner

It is oft repeated that there are no losers. So for those who participated, it is heartening to know that all of you are endeavouring to make India a better place for future generations.

Be there

Do join us on 05 - 07 June 2024, at India Expo Centre, to witness the presentation of the Awards.

Welcome to Global Biofuel Awards

There are Awards and Awards… What makes this one so special? Simply because it is instituted by those who sincerely believe that India needs more green champions. Let us heap praise on those who are doing good. Let us not shy away from honoring them and rewarding them. Because they are the beacons of light who will lead us all to a greater greener world.

The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step. And the journey for a better India and a greener globe is many more miles away. Yet a few daring individuals and path-breaking institutions have taken extraordinary steps to ensure we reach our objectives of a safer, greener planet. These steps have led to invention of newer technologies, modification of older systems to curtail pollution, enhance efficiency by reducing dependence on exhaustible resources and much more. Big or small, these ideas are bringing about discernible changes around us. But we need to do more.

There is increasing focus on green innovations among Indian MSMEs and large corporate enterprises. Right from innovations in renewable energy to finding breakthroughs in clean-technology, both small start-ups and large firms are contributing their might for the creation of a sustainable green economy.


  • Largest Biofuel Producer of the Year
  • Biggest Bio-Ethanol Producer of the Year
  • Biggest Methanol Producer of the Year
  • Biggest Biodiesel Producer of the Year
  • Biggest Biogas Producer of the Year
  • Biggest Biomass Producer of the Year
  • Biggest Green Hydrogen Producer of the Year
  • Largest Aggregator of Used Cooking Oil (RUCO) of the Year
  • Best Machinery Manufacturer for the Biofuel Sector
  • Largest Raw Material Supplier in the Biofuel Sector
  • Biofuel Industry Person of the Year
  • Best Researcher in the Biofuel Sector
  • Startup of the Year in the Biofuel Sector
  • Largest Biofuel Plant Developer of the Year
  • Women Entrepreneur of the Year in the Biofuel Sector
  • Biofuel Consultant of the Year
  • Best Technology Provider in the Biofuel Sector
  • Life Time Achievement Awards
  • Best Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Company in the Biofuel Sector